Are you utilising the power of email marketing?

Email marketing done effectively can be a fast and powerful direct and dynamic marketing channel.

If you already have an email database, you’re in a great position. We can create copy that can reactivate a neglected email list, engage your existing list, we can even help you monetise your list.

Imagine pushing send and within hours, getting sales! Email marketing can make that happen. From monthly or quarterly e-newsletters, special offer updates, to a full auto-responder sequence, our expert copywriters understand how to write effective copy to give you great open rates and conversion rates.

Let us nurture your leads. Know, like, and trust are key triggers behind virtually every decision to buy or do business with someone. Email marketing is one channel that can provide the personal communication needed to build the ‘like’ and ‘trust’. We do this by giving as much value as possible to each email we send. We create a drip-campaign to automate a series of emails targeted to a very specific audience (e.g. new leads).

We can help you grow your email database with paid Digital Advertising or by creating carefully crafted lead magnets. We can also make sure your email marketing integrates with your website and/or your social platforms to convert visitors and followers into leads.

Email marketing can be one of the fastest ways
to bring in profits

The digital landscape is full of opportunities to find and connect with your target audience or market. With a carefully planned strategy in place and our help, we can co-ordinate all your digital marketing or just take care of one component.

Like everything we do at Rocket Media Marketing, the first thing we’ll want to do is understand you and your business, who your audience is, learn about your objectives, and find out where you’re currently at.

Want to go the extra mile? The most comprehensive way to do this is with a Digital Strategy. Like any new journey, setting off without directions, can cost time and money. Take the fast-track with a professional and realistic well researched roadmap to success.