SEO is all about getting exposure for your website

Having a great looking and functioning website is only half of the picture. Getting people to visit your website is critical, without it, you won’t have any leads, enquiries, or sell anything direct from your website. There are two ways to achieve this; using paid advertising (see Content Marketing) or using an organic marketing strategy such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

SEO essentially means enhancing your website content so that it is optimised for the right keywords, so search engines understand what your website is about.

When it comes to SEO, we track everything!

The only way to know whether your digital marketing is working for you is to track it. Every digital marketing strategy we do at Rocket Media Marketing, we track so that we can measure what’s working well and what needs more attention. Here’s what we track and measure.

Keyword Rankings

We’ll provide you with accurate search engine rankings for your primary target keywords. This is tracked daily across Google, Google Maps, and Bing. This gives you accurate and up-to-date data to show how your SEO efforts are impacting your position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Backlink Analytics

Backlinks are any link on another website that links directly back to your website. Backlinks that come from high authority websites with relevant content will be the most helpful with SEO. We’ll do a comprehensive analysis of your website to determine how many and where you have backlinks. Our analysis will pick up new and lost links, highlight the most important links, as well as track the progress of all or any of your link building campaigns.

Website Audit and On-Site SEO Analysis

SEO is not just about adding to your website. It’s also about removing any on-site errors that may be damaging your SEO.

Competitor Analysis

How much SEO you need to rank well is often determined by the SEO your competitors are doing. We’ll analyse your competitors to compare their SEO with yours. Our analysis will uncover any of your competitors who are consistently out-ranking your website so we can identify their tactics and out-perform them.

Website Analytics

Finally, we break down your traffic. We integrate your website with Google Analytics so we can see exactly what traffic your getting and where it’s coming from. This will show you how your SEO campaign is directly generating traffic, leads and sales.

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